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Pharmacists are employed in pharmaceutical industry in areas which include drugs development, production, marketing, clinical, trails and compiling application to introduce new drugs.


Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for the distribution of drugs within the hospital and involved in education patients and medical practioners about the most appropriate use of medicines. Activities such as monitoring for drug interaction and participating in research projects directs towards improving methods of drugs treatment, also requires hospital pharmacists.


The Pharmacy Act states that all community pharmacies are owned by pharmacists, so many practioners are owned by pharmacists, they supply and distribute medicinal and related products. Advice and counseling given by pharmacists play an important role in maximizing side effects.


The bachelor of pharmacy is an excellent for those who have the ability and aptitude for research in pharmacy or in any branch of medical research. Student then take a program leading to masters degree or doctor of philosophy(Ph.D)degree.


Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of the basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage form. the students are trained manufacture these medicines in both small and large scale within the broad area of design and development of new drugs delivery and conventional dosage forms, the major focus areas include.

  • Pre Formulation studies.
  • Formulation and development of conventional dosage forms.
  • Drugs targeting approaches.


The pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are meant to inculcate the chemical aspect of drugs molecules starting from the basic organic chemistry to drugs design and synthesis of new drugs. Students are trained to identify an extract chemical and toxins from natural sources. students are taught to determine the extent of purity of raw materials ans drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms by using highly sophisticated instruments.


Pharmacy graduate and post graduate have an excellent scope in academics where they can share their knowledge with the upcoming pharmacists.


Pharmacists are employed by various government agencies, both commonwealth and state, generally in position concern with the control, manufacture, suply and distribution of drugs preparation. There are ample opportunity in defense services, customer and narcotics. The job opportunity for pharmacists, in presents scenario are at R&D, academics, an as community pharmacists etc.

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